Golden Fleece – Module 8, Imparting wisdom

In this final module (*cry*) we were to tell our story from start to finish when it comes to this journey.

This is my «thesis», my final piece.


Since I first begun in this journey I have gotten more secure in my spinning and creativity in planning yarns. I find I often can see «the big picture» before I start spinning and that I mostly know how to achieve what I have in mind. I also find that I am more open to taking chances in my spinning, and being okay with something not going according to plan and that I need to take another approach to «salvage» the project.


Personally this journey has made me dig deep in my own thoughts and personality. I used to think that I was confident in who I was and what I believed in, but looking back I am even more confident now. I do what I feel is right, I stand for what I believe in and I speak my mind!


Severeal people has supported and helped me in this journey actually, and I will only name a few because some of the helpers has been on a very personal level. First and foremost, Suzy and Arlene has been big supporters along the way and I am so glad they made this course! Second, the rest of the norwegian group – discussing the topics and how we work with them. Last but not least My self, I have worked very hard with this course creatively and personally and I am proud to say I made it through!


My most successful and most struggeling yarn to spin was the green yarn from module 3, this started out with a brilliant plan that failed big time! I felt lost and stuck and had a hard time figuring out how I could salvage it. But when I first decided to just do it, I was so happy and that is why this yarn got a focus point in my final product.

I don’t have a specific voice in spinning other that that I love to use bright and bold colors. Techniquewise I do whatever I feel like then and there or what the fiber tells me to do. And I am happy with that – those things define me when it comes to spinning.


I want to keep on being bold and not afraid when it comes to spinning and creativity, and I want to impart that wisdom into other spinners too. Do what is right for you, play and have fun with your spinning. If you feel stuck, take a chance and figure something out! The worst thing that can happen is that things come out a different way that you imagined!


When I first started this last module I knew I wanted to weave something that was going to be the centerpiece of my final product. The cirleloom was my fist choose since that is a pretty new way to weave for me that I have not gotten quite the hang of yet. My first came out as a bowl, but after getting a few good tips from Suzy in the cirleweaving group on Facebook I had more success This circle was woven from my green module 3 yarn and my module two yarn. I also knew I wanted to make a halfcirle shawl, and I start out using my module 4 yarn and crocheted sticthes in every loop front the warp. Then I picked up stitches all around the crochet and knitted a few rows where I increased for to different sections. To get the more halfcircleshape I did 6 sets of short rows (3 on each side) where I also started knitting flat back and forth. This part was finished off with a few rows of plain stockinette with a couple of rows with eyelets. I switched to bigger needles and used my Module 5-2 yarn and did 4 rows of garter, then switched to my module 7 yarn and did a plain row of that before 4 more rows of garter in the 5-2 yarn. My first module 3 yarn was knitted in stockinette with dropped stitches, and my Module 5-1 yarn was knitted in garter with an eyelet row before I casted off with the green module 3 yarn.


In the wrist two rows of eyelets I wove inn my module 1 yarn, and for the last row of eyelets I wove in two separate pieces of module 2 yarn.

I then steamed it and took pictures before I noticed that I had missed a key element! My module 6 yarn! That superfine lace weight spun on a drop spindle! I had balled it up and it just got «lost» in-between all the other yarns. But something this journey really has taught me is that when you hit a roadblock, try figuring out how to best deal with it. My solution was crocheting a butterfly from a very loved pattern.


This pattern I first crocheted about 12 years ago, I loved it and the butterfly (I still have that first butterfly in my basket of exotic yarns). After I made that first butterfly all this years ago I lost the pattern (I originally found it in an old magazine from when I was very little), and I was so sad and for 10 years I looked in every old magazine I could find in the hopes of finding the pattern again! I have asked all knitters and crocheters I know for years to keep an eye out for it! And a couple of years ago my neighbor told me she had gotten some old patterns from someone she knew and that there was a butterfly pattern in there. And to my big surprise there were the pattern!!! Could you believe how happy I was? And that is why this pattern was the perfect thing to put this shawl over the top! I had to hold the yarn double and realized I did not have enough for the last row, so I went into my stash and found some bright orange merinosilk I also spun really fine on a drospindle a couple of years ago and used that yarn for the last row.


Shawls is also one of my favorite things to knit, when all other projects fail knitting a shawl is my go-to!
Also wrapping up in a lovely handmade shawl always makes me feel good!

Looking at the shawl now that it is done I have found out what the theme for it was… The woven circle in the middle represents the earth and the butterfly is my creativity and love for crafting. The second part is «space» and the border of many yarns is our galaxy «the milky way». = There is a whole world out there to explore!



Now, what to do next? I am sad the journey is over!


I ordered the rainbow kit from Nunuco to spin on my drop spindles, an started right away before I remembered that I had forgotten to take a picture of the kit!



And a top of mixed merino


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Golden Fleece module 7: Looking back

Module 7 gave me the feeling of accomplishment, I have made it through these 7 spinning modules. Some were hard and some were easy, just like life in general! And this loud sparkly yarn was the perfect way to end the spinning. But it also represents the end of something good, and that makes me sad! I have loved every single module and setting aside time to work one something like this has been a good experience.

Looking back on my yarns I see excitement, frustrations, solutions and happiness!










And for the sake of module 7s story… if I could do one thing today that I have been putting off, and in the long run would make my life easier it would be exercising! That is something I dislike to do, but would benefit my health! I try to push myself to be in shape, but some days it is really hard to take that step and just do it!