Golden Fleece – Module 6 in progress

After lots and lots of thinking I decided to skip my first plan for module 6, it just did not feel right to recreate the yarn from module 1 from where I am in the process now.During TDF I have been spinning a lot on drop spindles, and that is how I started spinning when I first wanted to see if spinning was for me, spinning a plain twoply on a drop spindle.

Back when I first started to spin I was so afraid to not get enough twist into the first yarn I ever spun, and the lovely grey merino turned out as a very stiff and hard yarn and it was only suitable for scrubbing post and pans, but I loved the process of spinning.

So my new plan is to spin a 2ply on a drop spindle now and use that for my module 6 yarn. This IS my magic flight! On a drop spindle I can spin the finest of yarns, like a two-ply fine lace weight. This is where my magic happens, small amounts of fiber and spinning them on drop spindles just because I love the process.

The fiber is a merino/silk sample and the spindle is a 10 gram mini Padauk from

Photo 28.07.14 23 21 14

Battle of the bobbins!

A while ago I signed up for a spinning battle with Arlene aka «Spin Artiste«. She does a thing called «Battle of the bobbins» on the spin Artiste blog where she and another person sends a surprise package containing a challenge…. and then you spin a yarn from the contents of the package. No other rules than that you have to use what the package includes, and you can add whatever you want to it.

THIS is what I got… now how in the world can you spin two placemats???



I decided to cut the edges of the mats and separate the layers.



I cut circles and ovals out of the green plastic backing


And the fabric was cut into squares before I actually knew just what I was going to do… I decided to let this be whatever it wanted to be along the way. The only thing I was thinking was that the theme of the package was flowers (at least that was what I was thinking of since the colors of the fibers were represented in the table mats).


For my own addition I added come corriedale and merino


and carded them together with almost all the other fibers, giving them two passes through the drum carder,



Then I folded the plastic circles twice and I sewed them into that shape with a sturdy green yarn. Then I strung them all onto a strand of that same yarn. The fabric was folded and sewed. The puff yarn was cut into pieces, and so was the ribbons. All of them tied and strung onto a strand of that same green yarn.



Both strands, and a third plain one was held together with a bulky unspecified yarn I had and used as a core for the fibers that I carded. The single with the green plastic was _hell_ to run through the Aura! When I went to ply the three singles they were just to bulky for the orificies of the Aura and I had to twist them by hand with the help of my feet :)



Photo 19.06.14 14 42 43



I am pretty happy with the way this worked out, and I do love challenges like this one. ANYTHING can be spun, you just have to figure out how you can spin them!








Spin City UK

Mermaid’s Hair – Spinning fiber and Felting Fiber – blended roving – Merino Tencel Bamboo


Holly Berry – Spinning fiber and Felting Fiber- Sock Fiber – blended roving – Merino Firestar


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Blod på tann – veving

For noen uker siden skiftet jeg jobb, fra å jobbe som koordinator på et sykehjem så skiftet jeg til å jobbe som aktivitør på et dagsenter for eldre. Der satt jeg opp en vev her en dag, og jeg fikk skikkelig blod på tann og satt i gang med min egen vev få dager etter.
Jeg hadde et Noro Kureyon sock garn liggende som var beregnet nettopp på å veve et skjerf, men til selve renninga måtte råden styrkes siden Dette garnet er entrådet.Jeg spant det først sammen en tynn tynn nylontråd og så tvinnet jeg det med samme tynne tråd.

Photo 25.06.14 21 02 56

Photo 25.06.14 20 33 26

Photo 25.06.14 20 33 31 (1)

Til selve innslaget i veven ble garn som ikke var forsterket brukt

Photo 26.06.14 10 13 09








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