I ordered the rainbow kit from Nunuco to spin on my drop spindles, an started right away before I remembered that I had forgotten to take a picture of the kit!



And a top of mixed merino


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Golden Fleece module 7: Looking back

Module 7 gave me the feeling of accomplishment, I have made it through these 7 spinning modules. Some were hard and some were easy, just like life in general! And this loud sparkly yarn was the perfect way to end the spinning. But it also represents the end of something good, and that makes me sad! I have loved every single module and setting aside time to work one something like this has been a good experience.

Looking back on my yarns I see excitement, frustrations, solutions and happiness!










And for the sake of module 7s story… if I could do one thing today that I have been putting off, and in the long run would make my life easier it would be exercising! That is something I dislike to do, but would benefit my health! I try to push myself to be in shape, but some days it is really hard to take that step and just do it!

Golden Fleece module 7: Master of two worlds and the freedom to live.

This time I made the yarn before writing this post. Inspiration struck after reading through the module and I had to start the process of creating right away.

This module is about balance in life, the balance between the creative self and your responsibilities. What keeps you «grounded» and what makes you «take off». Well I have written about what inspires me and gets my creative juices flowing several times before, so this post I will dedicate to what keep me grounded.

Photo 16.08.14 14 45 09

This last year has been a tough one both personal and professional. Last summer my biological father passed away, for me that it it self was not hard to accept since I had not had any contact with him for the last 15 years after I decided that my life was better with him not in it. We were suddenly three children ( my little brother and I and our older half sister) who had a very tensioned relationship that had to bury our father that we all had different relationships with and different meanings about. We had to empty out and renovate his apartment before selling it and the his car. This process stirred up many feelings for all three of us and my little brother and I had many talks about the realities of life in general when it came to our family and childhood. My littlebrother is the main reason for me getting through this process, and I think I was helping him getting through this too.  I love him to death and I consider him to be a fantastic man with a fantastic heart. He is the one I can talk too whenever I feel down and he understands my frustrations and challenges without making me feel depressed, angry or sad. I actually get tears in my eyes writing this considering that we hated each when we were growing up!

In the daily life my leveller is my partner. For 13,5 years he has accepted all my crazy, seen me for the person I am and he has supported me through some really tough times during these years. He IS the love of my life, and I am so thankful for having him in my life!

During this last o.5 year I had some challenges that made me rethink my work and I realized I had to change thing to be able to continue to keep working. This process was hard, both on my body and mind. Thankfully it all fell in to place and I went from sitting in an office, organizing  administrative stuff as an activity director and volunteer coordinator at a large nursing home, to going back to my «working roots» working as an activity director in a daycarecenter for elderly. Now I share the responsibilities with two others, I get to spend several hours a day with the elderly (and I LOVE IT). I get to spend time with some fantastic elderly people who makes my life richer just by being who they are! I am going home from work with a big smile every day because I got to spread some joy into the lives of someone else.

At home all the responsibilities with having a house and kids have to be taken care of, I hate housework… but I do it. The kids are a blessing in my life and sometimes it can be hectic driving the to and from their after school activities, but that is alright because I know my kids have lots of fun and gets to do something they really enjoy.

Sometimes I get to have some selfish time to my self, that is when I go out to spinning group or go do something with a friend. Those times are not often, and I always have mixed feelings about taking this time to my self even if I know it does me good.  Beeing selfless lies in my nature, I will do ANYTHING for the people I love or care very much about without thinking about my own feelings in the matter, and I will gladly stop with what I am doing if one of those persons needs me or my help with something.

Sometimes everything that is going on catches up with me and I feel very tired, tired of my self and tired of all the things around me. But thankfully those times pass.


This yarn represents the forces that push me and the forces that pulls me in my life.  I chose to go with a black no fuss single to represent the responsibilities, and I chose a LOUD crazy single for the second single. This single is me, with creative joules flowing, sometimes small streams, sometimes big lumpy bumps and every now and then some fireworks! My creativity and drive to be crafty is what keep me up and keep me sane. And I do something crafty or creative every single day! That is what levels me in the everyday life I live.

The black single is merino, and the orange is Targhee fleece (one of my favorite wools to spin), silk waste, christmas glitter and some novelty glitter found at a craftshop.

Photo 22.08.14 21 30 45

Photo 22.08.14 21 49 21



As you can see it is slightly off-balanced, I was going for balanced but I am happy with the way it came out. My life is sometimes overrun by either responsibilities or creativity and I never feel completely balanced. And I am fine with that, because that is some of what makes me ME!